"Venna was well known among her fellow theives for her bravery when it came to stealing valuable objects. When she heard the duke of Mirscend had been found dead, his body almost unrecognizable in his castle, she knew that many treasures must be unguarded in his keep. Creeping into the castle while the duke's guardsmen mourned his loss and tried to make sense of the condition of his body, she quietly lifted an ornate cestus from off of a pedistal. As she quietly made her way through the window, the hand that held the cestus seized and began to burn. As she felt the object fuse with her skin, her hand slipped and she fell to the ground."

The Many Travels of Auriel Landstrider - Auriel Landstrider

Venna is a 3 to 6-Star Warrior, Corrupt of Fire Affinity.

Stats: Edit

Attack: 225-

Recovery: 22-

Health: 425-