"I asked the Ballian why he, a man devoted to his god Sherith's great cleansing would spend his life as a healer. 'Because it is my place,' was his reply."

Survey of the Low Peoples - Tovar Farsight

The Sharhein Healer #209 is a 1-Star Healer, Human of Water Affinity.

Stats: Edit

Attack: 23-130

Recovery: 18-10

Health: 38-216

Guild War PWR: 33-193

Skills: Edit

Leader Skill: Water Blessing I

210% REC for all Water Heroes

Battle Skill: Gorn's Touch

Heal for 300% of REC and convert 3 Water Gems into Heart Gems

Charge Rate: 16 Gems

Cooldown: 1 Turn

Locations: Edit

They can be found in Levels 1-4 and 1-5 of the Main Campaign along with the [Elite] versions of those levels. They can be caught during these levels.