"Trying to amuse his tavern mates, the archer thought it funny to fire an arrow past a blind wanderer's ear. Imagine his surprise then, when I snatched that arrow from out the air."

Survey of the Low Peoples - Tovar Farsight

The Ilodran Archer #212 is a 1-Star Attacker, Human Hero that is of Earth Affinity. They can be evolved into the Ilodran Marksman.

Stats: Edit

Attack: 68-346

Recovery: 9-46

Health: 46-232

Guild War PWR: 41-208

Skills Edit

Leader Skill: Earth Armor I

110% HP for all Earth Heroes

Battle Skill: Snipe

Attack an enemy for 350% of ATK, ignoring Defense

Charge Rate: 16 Gems

Cooldown: 1 Turn

Defender Skill: Weaken I

Chance Each Attack to apply a Weaken I Debuff on up to 5 heroes for 3 turns

Weaken Debuff: Reduces Attack of target and silences any skill that increases Attack or Damage.

Counter Skill: Unknown

Locations Edit

They can be encountered during Levels 1-2, 1-3 and 1-5 of the Main Campaign along with the [Elite] versions of those levels. They can be caught during these encounters.