• Revwrathline

    Join Celtics Guild (rec) in Legendary! - We need you to help grow my guild, Celtics Guild (rec)! Come join me in Legendary, my username is Countess Bathory Sodom.

    We have a few spots that just opened 

    More than 3/4 of your players are over level 100. the vast majority of us play everyday. we are a friendly english speaking team that help one another out.

    Come Apply to

    dont be left behind

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  • CastrumMinervae


    July 18, 2018 by CastrumMinervae

    Join: Pulvis&Umbra sumus Ciao ragazzi, siamo una nuova gilda italiana creata ieri. Chiunque voglia unirsi a noi e' il benvenuto! Sarebbe preferibile avere rank 50+ ma siamo aperti a tutti! L'importante e' essere attivi e simpatici lol

    Hi guys, recruiting is on! Anybody wants to join us is welcome! Preferably rank 50+ but we're open to everyone! Only active players and friendly people.


    Potete trovarmi nel gioco con il nickname : Grandeinverno

    You can find me in the game : Grandeinverno   

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  • Brendon90

    Hi Legendary Wikia Community,

    I would like to request to Adopt this Wiki and become an Administrator/Bureaucrat to update the navigation, delete pages, re-organize the forum, add new pages with information and images, etc. to form a more active and growing community of players.

    To do some of these actions I need Administrator privileges on the Wiki. I updated most pages as well as some of the navigation and added some new pages to the Wiki, but there's still a lot to be done.

    You can view my Request for Adoption at:


    Please leave a comment below if you agree/disagree or have any questions or concerns.


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  • Avaloyuru


    November 21, 2017 by Avaloyuru

    There's been a lot of changes since the last time I posted anything on here.  First thing is that I'm in a new guild called FARM, it's a training guild for new players who want to learn more about the game.  We are currently recruiting and looking for active players!  For more information, contact me here or through the Line app.  My Line ID is Ava!

    Thanks!  Look forward to hearing from people!

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  • Avaloyuru

    Today I want to address a very important issue for players, i.e., breaking the code when it comes to evolving heroes.  This is especially important to new players.  Kudo's to the DEV's for putting evolutionary materials in the Daily/Trial Dungeons and in the Dust Store!!  That's been a really big help for those of us who were unable to fully evolve heroes during the event they were introduced. 

    So what do I mean by "Breaking the Evolutionary Code"?  I've asked this question of a number of players and get different answers.  Hopefully there will be someone who reads this blog that will provide a complete and correct answer.  Or hopefully verify that my advice is correct and good!

    This image displays three different catalysts with three differ…

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  • Furbietoys

    Ascension stones

    June 5, 2017 by Furbietoys

    Can anyone tell me how to use ascension stones?

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  • Ketsukaishi

    Why cant our guild fight the guild boss "beast" because of this our keys multiplied to hundred and we cant enter top right now because of lack of that event boss. How can "beauty" slay her love now? Thanks. I'll post again tomorrow. And look if this is just a simple happening thanks. You answer will be much appreciated.

    And if there is some guild experiencing this post at my blog and let me now okay.... happy fighting im "wood elf ranger" by the way, from the simple guild of blizzard of oz. Read more >
  • Thedone0711

    Account lost

    March 27, 2017 by Thedone0711

    Hi i Need help i lost my Account. I reset my iPhone now my Account is lost

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  • Avaloyuru

    Recruiting New Members

    March 21, 2017 by Avaloyuru

    Hey folks!  If you really love the game and are looking for a Guild with active and supportive members then look me up by clicking on your 'friends' tab in messages, type in my name and hit 'search'!  We look forward to hearing from active players! 

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  • Avaloyuru

    Playing the game

    March 21, 2017 by Avaloyuru

    I'm totally loving this game!  Actually quite addicted to it for sure!  The longer I play the more I learn which also resulted in switching from one Guild to another.  It was nothing personal toward the former Guild Leader, I just needed to switch to a Guild where there were more active players.  This is definitely a game that requires the 'team mentality' to advance.  Advancing the team, in turn, advances each player which is important!

    We've just completed the Wonderland Event and it was great!  If you're a player and are looking for a Guild with active players, search me out by name and friend me!  Or just join the Guild!

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  • Avaloyuru

    Who is Avaloyuru

    March 15, 2017 by Avaloyuru

    Hey everybody!  I stumbled across the Legendary: Game of Heroes game almost two months ago while checking updates on my iPad.  I like games that are interactive but I have refused to really get into the games available on Facebook because I really hate bothering my 'friends' for extra lives and all the other what not's that come with those games.  Within the first week, I knew I was going to absolutely love this game!  I clicked the Facebook 'Like' button so I could follow them and even created my own Facebook Group called Legendary Heroes: Rebels hoping to attract other players for chatting and sharing strategies, ask questions about how to get the most out of playing the game.

    I have to admit that I'm not what people would call an avid game…

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